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$200 for the introductory session during which we will assemble various useful details to tailor your sessions to your specific needs and do a smaller mini session to get you acquainted with the experience of receiving hypnotherapy.  After your first experience we will discuss setting up a block of focused sessions optimized to help you achieve your desired result.
Call Now to set up your appointment. We are a very busy practice so we do not take any questions when you call, we just set the appointment. Any questions will be answered at your introductory session.

Often times, as we try to move ahead in our lives, there are barnacles that form on our hull, slowing us down and eating away at us.  As time goes on this can slow s down, cause considerable damage, threaten our health, possibly even threaten our life.

Things like smoking destroy our lungs and damage our ability to get oxygen to our tissues.  If you don't get adequate oxygen to your tissues, they are starved for oxygen.  This will cause a lesser and over time outright poor ability for your stuff to work right. Eventually your stuff which has been working poorly for so long, no longer has the ability to work right.

Things like inappropriate foods that not only do not help us on our journey, but make us larger and larger, wrecking our health in the process, do us in over time too. Stuff doesn't work right without proper nutrition. When stuff hasn't worked properly for a long period of time, people accept that poorer quality of life and the stuff getting more and more damaged no longer has the ability to work right.

Things like pain will keep us from doing the things that we would like to be doing. Pain doesn't happen for NO reason, it happens from SOME reason. That something that isn't working well can ruin your desire to do many things, and then those many things never get done. As the pain gets worse because that which gives you the pain either hasn't been addressed in the way that it needs to be addressed, or it has gotten too damaged to respond to that which it needs, it can ruin your quality of life to where instead of going full speed ahead to meet your goals and desires, you have been slowed down to a crawl, or less.

Things like lack of desire, lack of goals, poor concentration, tiredness, disease and even death can manifest from these real life situations that didn't have to be your case, but YOU CHOSE to be your case.

What? I chose this?

Yes. You could have chosen to go to the gym regularly, you could have chosen to only eat things that would maximize your nutrition, you could have chosen not to poison yourself with cigarettes or drugs, you could have chosen to try in earnest to fix what is giving you this pain instead of looking for easy ways out of it.

Yes, you could have chosen differently, but you didn't.

Luckily for you there is still time (in most peoples cases) to turn these behaviors around and get the best out of your life from now on.

The finest athletes have coaches, don't they? Even Tiger Woods has a coach. If you are getting nowhere on your own trying to tackle seemingly insurmountable behaviors, you will probably benefit from having a coach too. If you want to solve a problem, you do whatever it takes. What's the alternative? You don't do what it takes?

You can do this by yourself? How's that been working out for you so far?

Your first step would be to get hypnotherapy to try to quickly disarm some of these behaviors. Your next step would be after we neutralize some of these barnacles, like smoking or weight gain, etc, we talk about me providing you some excellent life coaching to once again put you on the path of optimizing your potential. Start NOW to change your life, permanently!